Interim Release: PeerBlock r162 (PeerBlock 1.0 RC1), now with a signed-driver!
September 18, 2009 05:45AM
It's here! As per the PeerBlock r162 Interim Release post on our Dev Blog, we've just released the official PeerBlock 1.0 RC1 release. And yes, this version includes a signed driver! No more do 64-bit users have to test-sign pbfilter.sys or mash on F8 every time you reboot your machine, it should all just work now. LOTS of good fixes in there, too. What are you waiting for, check it out now!

Just please let us know how well it works for you, especially so if it doesn't work for some reason...  And make sure to read the Known Issues section of that Dev Blog page if nothing else.

        ---  Mark  ---

Lead developer of PeerBlock

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