Hello i recently installed peerblock and im impressed, the only problem is a few days prior i installed tunngle for LAN gaming and its blocking all communications so i cant run tunngle without disabling peerblock which kinda defeats the object of it, im not sure what to do to allow tunngle thru peerblock and any help would be appreciated, many thanks
I have no experience with tunneling, but do you get any blocks in the log window?

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yes i get a lot of block messages, tunngle is a vpn solution for online gaming which appears as a local area network,
If it uses a proxy (for internet connectivity), I think it'll be pretty useless for blocking anti-p2p IPs unless the proxy is running PB.

Mind giving a print-screen of the blocks? Which lists are you using?

Beta Testing Rig: Windows 10 x64 Pro 1803, AMD Ryzen 2700X, 16GB DDR4 @ 3400MHz CL14, Avast! Free Antivirus
As far as how well we integrate with VPN/Proxies, it depends on what level that software is encrypting the traffic.  For example, the VPN client software I use for work does in fact work well with PeerBlock - we trap all connections flowing through the VPN, displaying/filtering the correct source/destination IP addresses.  With others, all PeerBlock sees is the VPN/proxy-server's IP address, and not the source/destination on the other side.

In addition to taking a screenshot of the blocks, you can also export this information via the History view.  From the main PeerBlock window click "View History", then click File -> "Export to...", select a date-range, specify Blocked, select an output-file, and click OK.  The resultant file can then be attached here on the forums.  (Or zipped then attached, depending on the size of that file...)

As Praeses said, with that information in hand we might be able to get a better handle as to what exactly is going on here. 

What is likely happening is that some of the IP addresses required for proper operation of this VPN are included on one or more of the blocklists you're using.  Depending on how they show up the iblocklist.com search feature may be able to discover all the applicable IP address ranges you'll need to custom-allow, or else you can try to contact the Tunngle developers to ask them what specific IP addresses would need to be Allowed . . . or figure it out via trial and error.

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hello and thankyou for your return posts, i have however fixed this problem by allowing "DoD Network Information Center" access to ip addresses to so anyone with the same conflicts with ipconfig and tunngle connectivity can do the same and this will fix the problem, thanks again smiling smiley
thanks summink work for me, i was looking this info winking smiley
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