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web.uTorrent aka uTorrentWeb actively says turn off PeerBlock

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
web.uTorrent aka uTorrentWeb actively says turn off PeerBlock
September 22, 2010 06:38AM
The web.uTorrent program also known as Falcon says turn off PeerBlock

it is used to remotely control uTorrent from things like your iPhone etc [web.utorrent.com]

More info here in this thread
[forum.utorrent.com] thread 70004
Anonymous User
September 25, 2010 10:00AM
I wouldn't trust their advice to go unprotected. They don't know what they are talking about
on that topic and are not able to tell when they are being fed misinformation and FUD about it.
I have found that the µTorrent forums are not well attended by actual company employees and
the volunteers that run the forums are poorly qualified to substitute for staff and intolerant
to anything that doesn't fit their own inexperienced opinions.

The µTorrent volunteers and employees don't even seem to be aware that the lists they do
recommend are collections based directly on the exact same ones we produce and are
updated with them daily. Nine times out of ten they are downloaded directly from us too.

You'll never catch AP2P contractors admitting that we had all of MediaDefender blocked more
than six months before some kid cracked their security, downloaded all their emails and
software and we could see all their secrets. They do move around to evade our blocks but
cannot disguise their activities without losing the ability to gather evidence. It just can't be done.
That's why you see hundreds of "Detected AP2P" ranges in the blocklists. We don't care who
they are, block them all anyway and they know they can never use the same range again. Most
of them stop trying to evade the blocks after a few years and settle for harassing people who
don't protect themselves.

Here's an article that describes all the myths and propaganda against blocklists:
IP Block Lists Myths Misconceptions

I've found web.utorrent.com and unblocked that. Finding the addresses they refuse to reveal
because they "dynamically provision servers and the IP addresses can change at any time"
will be easy to do as well because, just like MediaDefender, they can't hide what they do.
Odds are high that few of them are blocked and unblocking the main site is all we need.

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Anonymous User
Re: web.uTorrent aka uTorrentWeb actively says turn off PeerBlock
September 28, 2010 12:57PM
@ Aaron.Walkhouse Thanks for your post at both sites. I could not understand why they were so anti peerblock.

I will not be turning off peerblock period,
so I was hoping someone with some knowledge would be able to put a list together or a range I could allow.

The comments in this post [forum.utorrent.com] seem either mis informed, pig headed or maybe they have some agenda... possibly future advertising? I do not know.

Ideas anyone.
Re: web.uTorrent aka uTorrentWeb actively says turn off PeerBlock
October 04, 2010 01:40AM
As I recall from a conversation with one of the uTorrent devs, some of the new features of uTorrent Falcon makes use of services they've chosen to host on Amazon's EC2 cloud-computing service.  The IP addresses of the particular servers they're using there can (and apparently do) change often, so the only thing we could do would be to allow all IP addresses assigned to Amazon EC2.  This is most definitely not something I would recommend, since anyone can host any kind of service there - including exactly the sort of monitoring/tracking/hacking/malware/anti-p2p stuff that we're all using PeerBlock to protect our machines against.

It's possible that we could come up with a way to more-dynamically block/allow sites like this, but that would require a bit of work from both us as well as the uTorrent folks.  We'd need either a way to allow other programs to update your allow-lists on-the-fly, or create special-case code to identify which lists something like uTorrent is making use of; they'd need to hook into our software to update our allow-lists, or provide hooks we could use to determine what to allow at any given time.

Unfortunately, after the initial email I received from one of the uTorrent devs, I heard nothing back from them.  Not sure if my reply disappeared into the ether, or if they decided against looking any further into this, or what, but there really hasn't been much of an ongoing discussion between our two groups sadly.

        ---  Mark  ---

Lead developer of PeerBlock
Anonymous User
October 05, 2010 03:56PM
There is a tremendous amount of spam, malware and anti-P2P activity in the EC2 cloud
and Amazon refuses to do anything about it. I tried to get them to deal with it when it first
started and even though the techs and customer service guys may try, Amazon lets even
the criminals sign up again or move to another IP address. Anybody who wants to provide
a dependable service from that cloud should get a fixed IP address and publish it or they
will always have problems and expose their customers to some pretty serious risks.

Unfortunately, the µTorrent forums have some well-entrenched astroturf from the MAFIAA
so you can expect more propaganda and hostile advice from there as well as a number of
people who absorbed and now spread some of that misinformation.
Well I guess the next Question in reference to remote controlling the torrent interface ... from say ... iPhone is ....
Which Torrent Program that is similar to uTorrent's interface would you recommend ?

EDIT actually some info updated from uTorrent
Firon Administrator Re: PeerBlock block ports essential for Falcon

There is no URL. Like I said, you can pull all of our IPs by just doing a zone transfer on utorrent.com . I believe the hosts you'll need are beak*, rapton*, web.utorrent.com. I don't think any of the other hosts are in use. You can do this with dig. dig @ns1.utorrent.com utorrent.com axfr
I think you can use nslookup too, but I don't know how to off the top of my head.
Vote here please


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Anonymous User
October 07, 2010 05:50PM
Way ahead of you: [utorrentideas.uservoice.com]

Here's today's list, limited to just the cloud addresses. There were so
many repeats that I'm sure they don't flip too fast to keep up.

Might as well establish a µTorrent.Falcon allow list on iblocklist with this
and we can put together a simple script to refresh it hourly if it has to.
Anonymous User
October 10, 2010 09:13AM
I just voted for your idea at [utorrentideas.uservoice.com] All I could allocate was 3 points unfortunately.
Can a few other users here please vote this up at uTorrent.
good job on getting the ball rolling on this i voted (+3). i was looking into the issue just now and was surprised that there were no allow lists for utorrent remote access yet.
Very new here just wanted to thank Aaron.Walkhouse for starting this list THANX AARON !!
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