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PB is now blocking my seedbox.

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
PB is now blocking my seedbox.
October 01, 2010 08:54AM
I've been a dedicated, and quite enthusiastic, supporter of PB/PG for many years, and have absolutely loved it. I consider it an absolutely essential must-have for anyone involved in any sort of P2P and have turned-on dozens and dozens of new users to the program.

But now, suddenly, it's becoming far too problematic, and I'm totally flustered over what to do. I can't even concieve of not using it, but over the last several weeks the common block lists have begun to block a huge amount of legit sites I make use of, more than I could track down and create exceptions for.

The first problem began a few weeks ago. I do a little 2 hour radio show once a week, and suddenly nobody could connect to the server (hosted by Libble). After awhile I finally figured out it was PB. The server had been added to the block lists (part of a wide range of IPs covering a bunch of legit torrent sites!).

That's bad enough, but this morning I tried to log-into my seedbox, hosted by Feral (one of the most popular and affordable seedbox services), and it was blocked!!! Not only can't I FTP into it without disabling PB, but I'm assuming this also means my seedbox has effectively become useless since nobody is able to download from me.

I don't know how or why this has happened, but it's clearly either a mistake or an extremely illogical and counter-productive decision, so I'm asking (pretty much begging, to be honest) for someone to look into this and revise the lists for exceptions for the Feral servers (I'm on Lark.feralhosting.com, but I know they have other servers, too).

Thank you.
Re: PB is now blocking my seedbox.
October 01, 2010 10:45AM
Heya CthulhuSaves.

I did a quick who.is on both of your hosting provider and used the results to search in iblocklist.com. Both of these addresses were found in Business ISP list. Although, there is an off-chance that both of your hosting providers' servers are located somewhere else which would mean they have a different sets of IP addresses. Anyway, the best course of action I can suggest you to do is try to contact the authors of those lists that are blocking your servers. A little talk will help enlighten the situation.
Anonymous User
Re: PB is now blocking my seedbox.
October 01, 2010 09:26PM
I just tested it, and Feral is being blocked by the main P2P blocklist.

Considering that this is a pro-torrent service, clearly whomever is deciding which IPs go on the blocklist is getting sloppy and not bothering to separate specific "bad" IPs in a given range, and is merely adding them in batches based on service providers. It's a classic "tossing the baby out with the bathwater" scenario. I realize it's not a paid position, and am grateful for the work done by those that monitor for dangerous IPs and compile these lists. However, that doesn't change the fact that we users suffer when someone gets lazy and lumps the good in with the bad.

I did a little research, and PB is blocking an entire host of servers that happen to be operated by one company they "don't like." Problem is, that host provides service for many, many torrent sites, and thousands of websites, including the servers my radio show is on. Turns out this particular issue was a "camel's back" situation, as just about everyone I ask about it says, "just stop using PB. I had to."

I really don't want that. As I said, I think PB is an essential tool for torrenting. But wow, you really can see their point on this. The primary blocklists are getting so arbitrarily restrictive that it's turning into a forced choice between PB and Torrents. Considering the nature of both, this really doesn't make any sense at all to me.
Re: PB is now blocking my seedbox.
October 03, 2010 08:20PM
The thing to remember is that - as per our Why is "Some Company or Site" Blocked? FAQ - we here at PeerBlock don't actually author these lists ourselves . . . our program merely makes use of them.  Bluetack would be the proper people to contact about their blocking of your seedbox, as they are the authors of that list (we simply rename their "Level1" list to "P2P" within PeerBlock, to make it more obvious what the point of that list is).

If you find that a particular list is "too aggressive" for you, there are other lists available as well that might help out.  While there is a lot of overlap, Bluetack's Level1/Level2, TBG's Primary Threats, and Nexus23's ipfilterX lists, you have a fair number of choices out there.

As far as why this seedbox group's servers got placed on the list, we could theorize about it all we want . . . but the best thing to do would be to ask the list authors directly.  That FAQ linked-to above includes instructions on tracking down which lists are blocking this IP address, and contacting the authors.  Generally speaking most list-authors are pretty good about at least explaining why a particular IP address got put onto a blocklist, and about removing them if they're on there for bad reasons.

Sorry that you're experiencing these problems,

        ---  Mark  ---

Lead developer of PeerBlock
Anonymous User
October 05, 2010 10:42AM
It's no mistake. Anti-P2P contractors are using a lot of resources in that small range
so it was blocked a few months ago. Feral Hosting isn't listed in the RIR so we can't
tell where it is or whether any of the hostile seedboxes and gnutella and emule peers
are also customers of the same reseller. Ask them for a list of their IP ranges.

I've poked a hole in that block for Lark. The change will reach everybody in a day or two.
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