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feel free to abuse...

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
feel free to abuse...
October 07, 2010 06:47AM
I'm getting confused with my list manager. Do I want it to say block or allow for the sites where I want my IP hidden? Go easy on me, I'm only new
Anonymous User
October 07, 2010 11:28AM
Obviously you want to block them, and then with HTTP Allow turned off you can't connect to them at all.
If you do turn HTTP Allow on and go there it is impossible to "hide" your IP address because any
connection would be impossible.
Anonymous User
Re: feel free to abuse...
October 07, 2010 06:33PM
so let me get this straight... cos someone in support told me that peerblock won't hide my IP

I want to go into singles sites. The friendfinder network. I get the high and low IP thingos and then have it on block. Then when I'm on the site, I make sure it is blocked. I also make sure HTTP is blocked - so that I can chat?

and yes, you may call me a dummy
Anonymous User
October 08, 2010 12:36PM
You want anonymizing proxies or virtual private networks.
You connect to the proxy and then sites you go to can see only the proxy.
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