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blocking isp

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
blocking isp
February 01, 2011 04:48PM

Have a question. I'm on TWC.
When using peerblock to download and upload, I get about 4 roadrunner items that are blocked.

It seems as if I continue for several hours, the isp throttles back, to the point that 1 in every 5 attempts to connect to a webpage is unsuccessful. Upload and downloads are virtually impossible.

Is is safe to add roadrunner to the allowed list?

I have spent a countless amount of time via chat or on the phone, playing dumb, trying to get the problem resolved, with twc.

This situation has only occurred since I upgraded my service to something a little faster.

Any ideas?

Anonymous User
Re: blocking isp
January 04, 2012 07:57AM
Im planning on using peerblock, just downloaded smiling smiley I also use TimeWarner, and I hope to be able to block traffic from them... Im worried I might end up with the same problem? Thanks
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Anonymous User
January 12, 2012 09:08AM
That kind of connection problem is more likely caused by a weak router being unable to keep up with P2P.
Try limiting the number of connections your software opens at the same time and set the download speed
limit to just below the fastest you have ever seen on downloads and set the upload limit to about half of the
best upload speed. If our modem is also a router you might be able to put it into bridge mode (which turns
off the router and eliminates that weakness) but you should get more info on your modem and learn how to
set it bridge mode and then configure your computer to access the internet directly because the router in the
modem won't be doing it automatically for you anymore.

If you mean you want to hide your P2P use from them you would have to use a VPN based anywhere else.
Trying to block them with PB would only cause problems with keeping your connection working and could
never conceal how much bandwidth [especially uploads] you are using; which is the only thing they would
care about. I don't think they are trying to block all P2P so limiting upload speeds and connections should
be enough to keep their systems from trying to throttle back your usage.
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