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PB keeps blocking this comany

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
PB keeps blocking this comany
February 02, 2011 02:40PM
Hi all,

I'm a first time user of PB so this will probably be a noob question.

When I'm trying to access Facebook.com, techreport.com, and some other sites, Peerblock always blocks this


Ip address. I search and they are a law firm.

I'm just wondering why a law firm keeps on looking on my activities.

The big problem is when PB blocks it, I can't view the thumbnails PHOTOS in my Facebook and the text layout is messed up. The thumbnail photos becomes blank. If I temporarily allow it, pictures and layout becomes fine.

Anyone has the same experience?


- I tried netstat on linux and yes, that company is still trying to hit my IP. So it is not because of my Windows 7 OS.

- I tried connecting to my cousins wifi (neighbor) with PB on, he's not being hit by that company. I can browse facebook without PB blocking anything. So I guess it's only my IP that is being watched. WTH?

When I go facebook, its like 60-70 hits per minute. Other websites are very low (maybe 1-2 hits per minute).

I think the HUGHES HUBBARD & REED seems to be showing as ADs in facebook and other websites.

Please help.


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Anonymous User
Re: PB keeps blocking this comany
February 02, 2011 06:11PM

I finally found a solution to fixing that HUGHES HUBBARD attack.

It was my DNS. Before, I was using opendns and it kept on popping up when going to facebook and other websites.

I changed it to my my own DNS and I'm now not having any issues when browsing to facebook. Also, google dns doesnt have that problem as well.

Symantec dns has the problem.

Anyway, I'm still having some blocked sites like Archer Communications, detected AP2P Amazon EC2 cloud, and many more when visiting Engadget or Tom's hardware. I logged it into cousin's wifi again and now we have similar blockage.
I guess it is not as scary as the HUBBARD.

Is there a way to find out false positive (I don't know what term to use) for the blocklist? It seems that myanimelist.net is being blocked and I found out that it was part of the range of "Possible MediaDefender". I don't think myanimelist.net is a bad site.

Thanks again!

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