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Requiem is Gone - Not for good most hope...

Posted by DarC 
Requiem is Gone - Not for good most hope...
December 09, 2012 06:48PM
The owner of the project Brahms has announced that he is leaving the project and offering to all available programmers the tools to break and code around apples fairplay.

"This is what he had to say on his forum. "So after 5 years of working on Requiem, I think it is time to retire.
Requiem 4.1 will be my last official release, barring any obvious bugs
that are easy to fix. It's been a lot of fun, but I'm excited to move
on and try other things. The major impetus for my decision is that my
kids are getting old enough to ask what I'm doing on the computer, but
not old enough to understand the nuances of civil disobedience.

Over the years I have accumulated a fair amount of code & tools
dedicated to breaking FairPlay, and I hope to clean up and post as
much of it as I can in the coming months. I also plain on doing a
"brain dump" of as much of how FairPlay works as I can. This dump
should give someone who is interested in carrying on the job a good
starting point. Of course, it will also help Apple figure out how to
defeat my tools, but that wrinkle seems unavoidable.

I'm planning on running this Tor site for another year or so before
shutting it down. If someone has an interest in taking over hosting,
start a private thread with me and we'll discuss it."

He certainly will be missed by as many as used his products.

His site will operate for 1 more year hosting the files and the forum then it goes to the first person who he selects to get it.
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