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Ubuntu Finds A Way Into China

Posted by DarC 
Ubuntu Finds A Way Into China
April 04, 2013 09:45AM
"After being a largely Microsoft-dominated market, China has finally made a move to unfetter itself from Microsoft’s chains by opting to sign a deal with Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu. The event was widely reported, and it was speculated that China chose to go with this decision in favor of more home-grown IT alternatives rather than looking to the West. The decision was largely based around the fact that it strengthened and upheld the Chinese Government’s propaganda of introducing an open source software ecosystem in China."


The reason is the Chinese think that Micro$haft has lost their minds with their ugly new interface but all that aside! I think that Ubuntu has also lost touch with the Linux world and is moving to a commercial bag of ugly with its new unity interface.. God damn is no one sane anymore.

It does not need to look like a five year olds box of crayola to grab peoples attention.

Microsoft give the world back the start menu and leave the mobile OS on the mobile phone.
As for Ubuntu... Really WTF man???

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