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Microsoft May Bring Back The Start Button

Posted by DarC 
Microsoft May Bring Back The Start Button
May 02, 2013 05:53PM
"One of the most noticeable changes Microsoft made to the Windows operating system in the latest version, Windows 8, was the absence of the Start button. For years, the Start button has been a constant fixture of the Windows desktop environment. Traditionally, the Start button enabled the users to see the Start menu which features the programs and applications they could start up and use. If you were missing the Start button, you might not have to wait too long for it to return to the Windows OS."


I have a fix for Micro$oft and their new aged OS... You Ready For It.... Linux on every PC I Buy... They want to dumb down the start menu now after talk of bringing it back...

Removing it in the first place was the single most stupid thing they have done since vista, and now they are looking to bring it back as an "I Am Sam" Retarded version of it!!! WTF! My God.. Kill Me Now... The idea that they thought they could release a mobile OS on a PC is dumb but now this insult... AUGH I am boycotting Windows after Se7en. Anyone sticking with that freakinstine of a monstrosity called windows 8+ are in the boat smoking the same weed as Balmer... UGGHH

WIndows Blue... Yep Blew our minds for sure...
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