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Microsoft To Roll Out Free Windows 8 Update Later This Year

Posted by DarC 
Microsoft To Roll Out Free Windows 8 Update Later This Year
May 19, 2013 03:55PM
"Microsoft has had to face criticism like never before because of Windows 8. Even though the company has released some products that flopped in the past, like Windows Vista, the criticism wasn’t as intense as it has been for Windows 8. The sales continue to plod along, having reached 100 million in six months. This puts the operating system at par with Windows 7, the version Windows 8 was intended to replace. At present, it is finding it tough to carve a niche for itself, let alone replace Windows 7."


"Yet, one cannot help but say that 58 million is a huge number. If that many people are actually using Windows 8, there must be something good about it."

I can argue for them... It comes down to the point of it being married to the hardware.. Most user based low tech people out there like mom and pop old people cant understand how to rid their pc of the this unsightly piece of garbage. So what they do is Buy Apple and give the PC to their grand kids who are barley old enough to speak and don't get the concept that what they received is a piece of @#$%&.
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