NSA Infiltrated “World Of Warcraft”
December 11, 2013 11:44AM
"Edward Snowden, who has become notorious for leaking information on the antics of the NSA, has leaked documents dating back to 2008, which show that both American and British intelligence agencies have “infiltrated” online games such as World of Warcraft."

Re: NSA Infiltrated “World Of Warcraft”
December 11, 2013 04:21PM
i wanna know how they are going to justify this, it would be very unusual of terrorists to play online games, they'd have bigger things to do then playing a game wouldnt you think?

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Re: NSA Infiltrated “World Of Warcraft”
December 12, 2013 03:07AM
Depends on you chosen group of terrorists. Imagine "terrorists" wanted to stage an attack on an imaginary funeral [www.youtube.com] :-) and you at the NSA care because you never got out as a kid and your life and love is wow with nothing better to do but attending a WOW Funeral. Your Fan Boi Character was attacked by a swarm of "terrorists" and you want to stop them like this kid wanted youtube [www.youtube.com] to give a crap.. LOL I cant stop laughing still to this day.. NSA are dumb new fags...

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