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IPv4 Not Dead Yet: 625 Days of IPv4 Addresses Remain

Posted by night_stalker_z 
IPv4 Not Dead Yet: 625 Days of IPv4 Addresses Remain
January 08, 2010 08:15AM

Looks like we can hold off IPv6 for a few years smiling smiley
Re: IPv4 Not Dead Yet: 625 Days of IPv4 Addresses Remain
February 28, 2010 12:25PM
lol Its funny the predictions that are made in haste with out knowledge of future events.
I remember Blurays Promise for BluRay + encryption tech lasting till 2010 and and like 3 months afterward is was cracked by a group called Slysoft in Antigua Bay...

People should shut up and let the cards fall where they may...

Isn't that close to 2012... lol hahah rotfl... Oh no the great ipv4 address allocation end is coming. People everywhere are committing mass suicide is fear that ipv4 will no-longer have a place.The Mayans knew this would happen. lol I like stupid people their entertaining to watch...

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Anonymous User
Re: IPv4 Not Dead Yet: 625 Days of IPv4 Addresses Remain
March 12, 2010 07:03PM
Question I am going to get hit hard for this one maybe since I am new to this networking stuff but I run Ipv6 tunneling isnt that better than stand than IPV4 ? Then it just looks like some corporate crap that is running or am I wrong if so please let me know. I have never been busted for using a P2P from only routing it to ipv6 and I live in a Village not like it would be hard to see since im the only guy in the village that has the Fastest connection possible lol. Let me know what you think I am interested in here what you guys have to say I ran per-block the first time yesterday since it has made me more paranoid to know that I am blocking 1.4 trillion ips lol . Seem like more heat it would bring to attention. But I do believe in sticking up for my rights to any one to stay the @#$%& out of my Computer. Last I knew that was breaking and entering. I virtual back door and real one hmmm . Privacy is privacy. So don't kick my door down and I wont do the same . Seems like normal common sense that all should have but .. GOV's and Corporation's have no rules Just MONEY and DAMN good lawyers and politicians in ther pockets taking away a little bit more and more each day but thank fully they WILL NEVER achieve what they want. TOTAL CONTROL over ALL INTERNET . TV lol that's been controlled for a long time and the news lol Becare full who you listen to. Advice is good but not all sometimes the wrong can even be a better insight to help for what you think. Any way enough rantings here I got lost in my ramblings lol. Peace be with all of you and Lets make sure we keep the internet as free as it can be its harder all the time lol. I remember back when it was 28.8 modem cam out things where just on web sites anything and everything you wanted lol. not like that any more . It takes a little more knowledge these days.
Re: IPv4 Not Dead Yet: 625 Days of IPv4 Addresses Remain
March 14, 2010 11:55AM
OK ipv6 tunneling uses teredo so it is a basic conversion from ipv4 to ipv6. My bet is you are using windows xp.
I don't think there is much of an increase in speed by doing this but it cant hurt for speed. You mentioned you live in a village. Where might that be? Cause the laws change pendent on the country you live in. This creates an excellent hide away for some people. Free of exploitation by their isp's.

The total number of ip's that can be used in teredo is equal to the amount of ipv4 addresses in a direct conversion to ipv6 for the first 4.3 billion of both. Last I knew from the Dev area of logic was that teredo tunneling was also protected as long as it wasn't pure ipv6<=>ipv6 and stayed ipv4 teredo tunneling through ipv6. IPv6 is something that has been talked about and the end result of being able to block them depends on how proficient the list makers can get at providing lists of ipv6 Addresses for us to blacklist. The teredo conversion allows us to block quite well the first 4.3 billion of them with out a specific list for ipv6. There is still 3.4 undecillion addresses open to have dhcp decide whos behind them.
Anonymous User
September 25, 2010 06:27AM
There is still a lot of IPv4 space that the predictions don't take into account,
like some huge ranges assigned to companies that never used much of it
and vast IANA-reserved ranges that were never needed as expected.

Doomsday will keep moving to the future as the years go by and by the time
it becomes a real possibility the threat will fizzle just like that dreaded "Y2K"
bug which was supposed to break the financial sector.

IPv4 is still safe enough that hardware is being manufactured for it. If those
guys aren't panicking that leaves doomsayers on the fringe where they belong.
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