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Hexagon is now blocked in the US.

Posted by DarC 
Hexagon is now blocked in the US.
July 08, 2010 11:25PM
No official word has come down from the site except for mod speculations, but users allover the US are talking about the fact that. "There is no ability to search for torrents signed in or out." The ousting of US users has cause a mass abandonment of the site, and more are expected to leave once the problems are known on a more public level. (no wonder no one announced it officially)

The site owner "Gary Fung" is in the middle of several Copyfights and loosing. The Permanent Injunction in US issued by Dishonorable Judge Stephen Wilson claimed that the site (Of course not google) but isohunt violated current copyright law by operating a search engine..

Though no proof was issued that proved isohunt didn't comply with the DCMA requests for takedowns. The Prosecution persisted that the copyright holders had way to much to carry by issuing the notices. So the only liable party must be a Canadian owned search engine. This justified the move made by the court of made up law. So now the end result is more unemployment in another country as the owner tries to pay for fines and serve jail time as a Canadian Citizen in an American Jail. WTF...

Simple fact. A search engine caches information and does not illegally store copyrighted material. according to law hash information is not copyrighted there in torrents being hash info aren't either...
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