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TCP blocked destination questions

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
TCP blocked destination questions
June 05, 2011 07:06PM

I recently noticed a few things I haven't noticed before. I've been running peerblock more often now and I am noticing some blocked TCP destinations and the source is my IP address. Some of these IPS are

I ran a netstat and I looked at my outgoing connections on my firewall and I don't see anything out of the ordinary. I looked up a lot of these IPs and they look like telecoms, schools and some corporate IPs (part of my block lists). I ran MalwareBytes and Microsft Security Essentials and they both didn't find anything

Re: TCP blocked destination questions
June 06, 2011 02:53AM
An app or apps are connecting to those addresses. They don't seem malicious. Could be your anti-virus, a program update, Instant Messaging progam, etc.

Check when the blocks occur and try close some apps in the system tray. You could try running TCPView but it would require you disabling PeerBlock to see the outbound connection being made to those IP Address.

Port 1935 is used by Adobe. Probably the updater service for Adobe Reader or Flash Player. That can be disabled in Edit, Preferences, Updater.

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