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Giganews block

Posted by coyote 
Giganews block
August 19, 2011 07:41PM
For years I've been running Peerblock and downloading via both bittorrent and usenet.

Peerblock 1.1 with "Block HTTP" enabled.

A few days ago my usenet (giganews using Newsbin 6) downloads occasionally dropped to zero until I restarted Newsbin. Nothing I tried to fix it worked, until I turned off "Block HTTP" and the problem didn't happen again all day; but after I turned on "Block HTTP" again, my giganews download stopped. (Then I turned Block off, and the usenet d/l resumed; now Block is back on and the usenet d/l hasn't stopped yet, but like it said the problem only happens occasionally.)

I saw simultaneously in Blocked History a "Cisco Systems" IP = ....so I just wrote giganews to ask if that IP is associated with them. If so I guess I simply want to right-click "Allow Permanently"?

Edit: Giganews Techsupport replied "No that IP does not list in your transfer history". Now I'm even more confused.

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Re: Giganews block
August 26, 2011 08:42PM
That IP address is using Port 53 which is used for DNS (helps to resolve the website address). Doesn't sound like the problem since the "Block HTTP" feature only blocks packets on either port 80 or 443. That IP address isn't using any of those ports.

However you can allow the IP for 15 minutes as a test. Check the log for an IP address using port 80 or 443 then moment you open Newsbin. Close all other programs and browsers while testing.

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