Hey Guys, I'm new to pretty much anything to due with computers so I just wanted to see if i could get some general help.

1. I need to find a list that i can use just for utilizing torrent files off pirate bay
2. Does blocking educational allow a user to download while on a university network even though they monitor for it and shut down the internet connection if you are detected?
3. Is this the best way to protect myself, using PeerBlock and lists?
4. Any other advice is appreciated

Thank You
Re: New and Could Use any advise out there from knowledgeable people
August 27, 2011 01:55AM
1. We don't support the use of PeerBlock for P2P.
2. It will only block incoming or outgoing requests to any IP address loaded in the lists. Won't hide you or any activity being done on the University network. The network administrators usually check specific ports and monitor for high bandwidth. If they see alot of traffic on a certain port that is encrypted and resolving to a bit torrent tracker or any other P2P site then they will shut you down. Also many networks are using network policy programs which detect and block the Bit Torrent protocol; such as Sandvine.
3. Can't say if its the best way but any layer of protection is considered good. IP address change almost daily and keeping track of all changes is quite hard. Using the default lists and the many others available at IBlockList is a great start.

This business is binary. You're either a one or a zero.

I'm getting massive http hits for Road Runner - [I'm free wireless] Bogon,  Archer, IANA Reserved Private, Microsoft, XO Communications, amazon, Amazon Cloud, even Google Inc, my own website host GODADDY, Facebook Inc, and Mozilla Foxfire.  The http blocks are also blocking many of my favorite sites.  I'm not part any p2p, still have eMule.

I look for these companies IP online, tell them I see their IP and location and basically I am coming to kill them. lol.  Problem is, even with Platinum Hide IP, I watched Amazon and that IANA Reserved Private track me to 6 countries.  I'll paste an image as soon as I restart of the total choas on Peerblock when I go on line... seems like paint is being deactivated until restart. 

About 2 months ago at night, I scared off 2 guys carrying tripod stands.  I recovered a cigarette butt...

Any idea what the hell is going on? 
Re: New and Could Use any advise out there from knowledgeable people
August 30, 2011 05:47PM
Why are you blocking http? Also, you don't need the Bogon and Iana lists since their for private/internal ip addresses.

This business is binary. You're either a one or a zero.
Oops, appears I hijacked a thread, I'll start a new topic.
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