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RoadRunner help ISP being blocked.

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
RoadRunner help ISP being blocked.
August 28, 2011 02:18AM
I was Downloading something from a Bittorrent

But anyway my Peer block was blocking a range of

These pics included.

And I got a new wierd one... It seems the Saudi Arabian Oil Company is being blocked too Lol wtf.

So is this bad? is my question
Anonymous User
Re: RoadRunner help ISP being blocked.
August 29, 2011 12:09AM
I'm actually coming across a lot of these as well, and I haven't even been downloading anything for like 3 days or so. I just turn on my computer, check up on PeerBlock, and see AP2P on Smart Broadband, AP2P on Globe Telecom, Taiwan Academic Network, Road Runner RRWE, and even that Saudi Arabian Oil Company one you posted above, though only once that I can remember. It's a massive spam of all these, not just 1 or 2, and they quickly return within minutes after I clear the log, so I'm not sure what's up. I haven't been downloading anything, so I really don't know where these things are coming from. To summarize, my PeerBlock looks just like yours after about 30 minutes or so. I don't know if this is a mistake or something.
Re: RoadRunner help ISP being blocked.
August 29, 2011 02:58PM
The block lists are made by third parties peerblock is the app that uses them. Complaints and support needs to be taken to them,
Proxies are not a bad idea if your looking to hide yourself completely..
Anonymous User
Re: RoadRunner help ISP being blocked.
August 29, 2011 06:19PM
I'm actually about to give btguard a try. Seems really reasonably priced for all the protection it offers on the VPN package. All these random blocks on the log are starting to bother me, especially since they show up even when I'm not doing anything at all. It'll put me at ease to just have btguard, heh. Thanks for the heads-up!
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