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Trident Mediaguard blocked.. Help?

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Trident Mediaguard blocked.. Help?
September 22, 2012 07:07PM

Since Thursday my Peer block software (which I've used for quite some time) has started blocking "Trident Media Guard" (I'm aware it is an anti p2p company) several times a second... I'm not currently running any bit torrent software (not even got any installed currently).

It is blocking destination IP - a UDP connection

The source IP addresses are:

I don't know why this is occurring? I've even switched the router off completely and peer block is still coming up with blocks for that IP address.

I've attached a screen shot of the block log for today.

I'm guessing this isn't necessarily anything to do with "Trident Media Guard" trying to tack me, epically as it occurs when the router is switched off? (my PC is connected to a 8 into 1 broadband switch - which is then directly connected to the router)..

Networking / IP address etc is not a subject I'm very familiar with, so I'm just checking theres nothing to be worried about?

I'm not sure what has triggered this to start occurring - I've not made any changes to the network setup recently, its all been wired up the same for a couple of years.

I'd be grateful for some advice and if theres any action you recommend taking
As for "Trident Media Guard" I'm in the UK not France
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Re: Trident Mediaguard blocked.. Help?
September 22, 2012 07:34PM
Those are LAN IP's.

PeerBlock seems to get the name (Trident Media Guard) wrong on occasion. You can google those IP's and they will be multicast/LAN/ IP's.
Re: Trident Mediaguard blocked.. Help?
September 22, 2012 08:35PM
kingjambo Wrote:

> IP addresses

I suspect that you have recently added a bogon list [or another list which happens to include bogon addresses].

Those addresses are definitely invalid for incoming traffic from the internet [which is why they might be blocked]; for local or outgoing traffic, however, they are perfectly valid - even essential for the normal operation of your system.

Since PB does not make those distinctions properly, you must either disable the bogon list(s) or permallow all "safe" addresses.
Anonymous User
Re: Trident Mediaguard blocked.. Help?
September 23, 2012 03:11PM
Thank you for the advice :-)
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