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Improving error message

Posted by fxm 
Improving error message
November 30, 2013 05:06AM
Of the existing errors, this
    Line: 61
    Type: class p2p::p2p_error
    Message: unable to open file
is arguably the least helpful.

Including additional elements in the Message:
    Message: unable to open (list) file (d:\full path\filename.ext) for (reading)
    Message: unable to open (cache) file (d:\full path\cache.p2b) for (writing)
would give the user a better shot at isolating/fixing the problem.
Re: Improving error message
November 30, 2013 03:23PM
Definitely a good idea.  Going forward, what I'm planning on doing is building an online-error-checking method into our error-handling code, so that people will have the option to click a button called "Get help!" on that error-display window.  That would then check with our online database of versions/line-numbers/error-info, and 1) display in-app help info on what's gone wrong and what they can do to fix it; 2) automatically attempt a fix; or 3) forward them to a forum-page (default or specific to their error, if possible).

Gonna take some time though, so probably not going to make it into the next Stable release.  I'll see if this single error can be beefed up in the meantime.


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