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malware - port 8

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
malware - port 8
June 04, 2014 06:53PM
My log gives me a repeating pattern of the following when I am connected to the internet, but not browsing or doing anything:

outgoing port 8 to google

outgoing port 8 to xo communications

outgoing port 8 to yahoo

This same pattern may repeat up to 100 times rapidly. This makes no sense because these are 3 unrelated companies. What is this?
Re: malware - port 8
June 05, 2014 09:45AM
Without knowing the exact IP addresses I can only take a stab: you might be infected with [www.arbornetworks.com] or something similar.

To identify the source of the traffic you can begin by getting a freeware tool to identify the process that is opening the port.
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