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Peerblock and AVG conflict: Uncaught Exceptions

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Peerblock and AVG conflict: Uncaught Exceptions
October 11, 2014 07:03PM
I'll start by saying, I've been to the sticky-thread on this issue but found no remedy... Peerblock (I've tried them all, latest beta and stable) won't start unless AVG Antivirus is first disabled.. It won't even install if AVG is not disabled... Once installed, if AVG is not disabled, I get both Caught and Uncaught Exceptions, each message varying slightly in "Lines" and "Types"... With AVG disabled, it loads and functions fine... I've tried adding the Peerblock directory to the AVG exceptions list, no success... I've used Peerblock for a while, this just started happening with the latest upgrade of AVG (2015.0.5315)... Anyone else having this problem.. Trying to decide whether to find a replacement for Peerblock or AVG.. Or, preferably, find a fix...
Re: Peerblock and AVG conflict: Uncaught Exceptions
October 14, 2014 05:18PM
It is possible that avg is flagging it as a false positive like keygens or cracks for programs, I doubt there is much you can do in this situation, especially since you added it to the exceptions and still no joy. Did you also add peerblock.exe to the exceptions?

Peerblock for the win
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