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Botnet IPs

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Botnet IPs
October 31, 2014 05:03PM
Hi all, while looking at my Peerblock activity I noticed an IP labeled as "botnet on Smart Broadband".

I googled the IP and the only result was a pastebin of a ton of IP adddresses.  I was wondering if it would be wise to add all these IPs to my list...or if there's a way to check the list for these IPs.

Any help, guidance, STFU&RTFM is much appreciated! smiling smiley

Re: Botnet IPs
November 02, 2014 05:29AM
That paste is from an unknown source ,
it could and without could a shitload of useless and innocent ips ,
we don't suggest to use it .

Anytime you see a list of ips doesn't mean that they must be blocked,
you don't know when , date/time, it came out , what it contains , what those ips did ,

Blocking ips is not like to drink beers .
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