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Can't find the correct answer. Blocks do not appear.V 1.2

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Can't find the correct answer. Blocks do not appear.V 1.2
December 13, 2014 04:36PM
Hello kind folks. I am a sort of new users to this Peerblock software and after installing and downloading the various Lists and making some of my own I am still not sure if it is blocking anything correctly.. I will explain.

I look in my Apache LOG and see some attempts to GET to various folders. Because the folder that the BOT is looking for does not exist then in the Apache Error log it shows the Failures.. So far so good. If I then look in the Peerblock 1.2 Protection TAB there are no entries..!!. If I then PING one of the the IPs in the Apache ERROR LOG is says "Destination host unreachable" - ( I am using XP SP3 ) and according to posts I have seen is means that it is blocking BUT the Blocked IP will only show in the Peerblock Protection tab area after I have done the PING. I have tried many of the IP and get the same result. So it seems that it will show as blocked if I PING a relevant IP and it never shows automatically as I would expect it to do I have tried the Uninstall/Re-Install and Disable and re-enable , etc but does not seem to make any difference. Any guidance would be appreciated Thanks in advance John
Anonymous User
Re: Can't find the correct answer. Blocks do not appear.V 1.2
December 15, 2014 08:57AM
OK...so not had any advise so I decided to experiment, My Home Server is used just to test for WEB pages before I upload them to the main www web site. In Apache I have used PORT 80 for the time being as there is nothing special on my temporary site and it is not PHP. In Peerblock the only other setting I did not change was the BLOCK HTTP which I left enabled as Apache was using it. So I thought I would just block everything and start from there so I blocked port 80. I then noticed that the Peerblock icon on the task bar change colour from a yellow colour to Blue. I then tried to access my temporary web site over the internet and it still was available.!! Not quite understanding what the BLOCK Port 80 meant, I assume it actually meant to block all. Some minutes later the blue icon started to blink off and on and various IP address appeared in the blocking list. I the realised that maybe the BLOCK HTTP was not everything but just related to any IPs that are in the BLOCK list.. ( Ok I am new to this software )

So I thought I would make these few words just in case someone else had problems with the Log not working

I guess somewhere in the documentation it does explain all this but I was unable to find it.

The only part now that I am not sure about is the PORT tab. There are 4 boxes relating to the various ports and the heading words say.. Default ports ( applies to all profiles ). At the moment the boxes are not ticked... and it does not say whether to tick then to make them available or tick then to block them. I cannot find this information in the various help files.....If some kind expert can advise me on that I would be grateful smiling smiley Thanks
Re: Can't find the correct answer. Blocks do not appear.V 1.2
December 15, 2014 05:13PM
The Allow/Block HTTP button does not mean "block all traffic on port 80"; it means that if you tell PeerBlock to allow HTTP, will allow all port 80 and 443 traffic to and from any address regardless of if it's in a block list. Blocking HTTP means PeerBlock will enforce the block lists on the HTTP ports as well.

The Port Settings tab is for allowing ports. If you check, say, port 21, PeerBlock will then allow all traffic in, out or both on that specific port.

In conclusion, if you tell PeerBlock to block HTTP and leave everything unchecked in the Port Settings tab, PeerBlock will block everything *in the active block lists*. Those two functions exist to help you unblock something in certain ports, even if you have the address in your block list. PeerBlock does not support blocking certain ports completely (unless you make a block list that contains everything between and then manually allow ports), that job should be left to your firewall. Hopefully that clears things up a bit.
Anonymous User
Re: Can't find the correct answer. Blocks do not appear.V 1.2
December 16, 2014 09:08AM
Hi Keefa... Many thanks for the reply. It make much more sense now smiling smiley ... You are a star smiling smiley
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