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AOL MAIL Server Outlook

Posted by SMA2059 
AOL MAIL Server Outlook
February 02, 2015 04:15PM
How do i allow Outlook to download AOL folders and mail, while allowing peer block to run
Wont work even if i allow HTTP still wont download AOL mail

Not sure about allowing email ports in and out for Mail to be checked ?
how would this work, is it safe to allow AOL Email ?

have no issues with GMail
I have the average of many lists, around here seems to be about 14 :>winking smiley
thank You
Re: AOL MAIL Server Outlook
February 02, 2015 06:01PM
The way I'd try first to allow the IPs Outlook will use to connect to AOL is to tell Outlook to fetch/send your e-mails and then use TCPView to see to which IPs Outlook is trying to connect. Those are the IPs you must manually allow. In the main window of Peerblock, right-click on one of the IPs and choose to allow it - probably permanently, unless you want to do that often. You must do that to all of the IPs Outlook is trying to use one by one if you want to keep PeerBlock enabled and use Outlook at the same time. It might be a pain if there are lots of IPs, but that's pretty much the most secure way to do it.

You could, of course, try allowing the ports as well. Assuming it works for you, it would be the easiest way. Still, allowing the IPs one by one is the most secure. As to whether or not allowing AOL is safe, I don't know. Were it my computer, I'd probably allow it to connect, because checking my e-mail is something I could not live without.
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