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PeerBlock Lists

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
PeerBlock Lists
April 23, 2015 01:09AM
Is it possible to separate the Lists folder from the Program Files folder?

For example: PeerBlock is installed in the "Program Files" folder, but I want to keep the List Folder in a shared folder (c:\shared).

Is this possible? How do I do that?
Re: PeerBlock Lists
July 12, 2015 02:06PM
I am not from Peerblock so this may be entirely wrong and my advice would be to leave the non-personal blocks alone.

First copy the lists folder into your shared folder directory.
Rename it: "SharedLists"
Delete the commercial lists leaving them to update automatically in the Peerblock folder. (Remember also, someone is making a very small living off the downloadable lists, you should respect that and not post them in public.)
Rename each of your personal blocklists: "ShareListnamenn" or whatever you want to use allowing you to tell which list in Peerblock is being updated when you edit/change them.

In Peerblock go to the Protection tab and click on List Manager. This will open up the Default Lists and whatever personal lists you have. In the bottom center, click on "Add". This will open the "Add List" window.
Then put the dot in "Add File" and browse to the shared folder you put a copy of your personal lists in.
Add each one individually as a block or allow list as you would normally.
Select "OK" and continue until done.
When done, select "Save" if appropriate.
You should then see the SharedLists in the ListManager window with the appropriate paths to your shared folder.
The Peerblock window is not expandable, but as this was written, the above instructions worked and there was a linked blocklist in my Public Documents folder in Windows.

Good Luck and remember to not allow Read/Write permission in the Public Folder document or your list will be edited by any idiot that gets in there.
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