Constant pinging from Los Alamos National Laboratory??
September 16, 2015 08:30PM
I have a question about why I am getting constant pinging from Los Alamos National Laboratory on Peerblock:

It started earlier last week when I started to get a few repeated blocked pings from Network Associates:
Network Associates Inc. Source: Destination Protocol TCP

Then after 10 or so pings from them, I got constant, non-stop blocked pings from:
Los Alamos National Laboratory Source Destination Protocol TCP

When I disconnect from my home wifi network and reconnect, I start again with getting a few blocked pings from Network Associates and then constant non-stop blocked pings from Los Alamos

I looked online and the PeerBlock forums and it stated that Network Associates pings are from running McAfee Antivirus software, which I am running. So that makes sense but I still don't know where the other Los Alamos National Laboratory constant pings are coming from. I am not running any other software on my laptop that would cause this.

Any ideas?
Re: Constant pinging from Los Alamos National Laboratory??
September 17, 2015 06:25AM
That's not Network Associates Inc
but Edgecast
Host reachable, 172 ms. average

And again
Los Alamos Lab but
Host reachable, 255 ms. average

mcafee , that imo isn't even good for coffee...

Guessing : your ipfilter is outdated ...
Re: Constant pinging from Los Alamos National Laboratory??
September 17, 2015 08:59PM
Thanks for the answer Spartan23! Since I am fairly new to PeerBlock, could you explain to me what the host reachable aspect says to you about these IP addresses?

Also, where do you think the Los Alamos Lab and Edgecast pings are coming from? Is it something running on my computer? Are these at all dangerous or would they affect the performance of my computer?

Since I'm a novice with PeerBlock, I hope these aren't too silly type of questions and I appreciate any help you can give!

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