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auto-exit PeerBlock when shutting down PC

Posted by m87go 
auto-exit PeerBlock when shutting down PC
January 16, 2016 10:43AM
Hey there,
I just have got a technical question on peerblock portable. I put it into Autostart and this works pretty well. But when I shut down my notebook and start it again later, I do get an error message, that Peerblock hasn't been closed properly and now "cleans up" (whatever that means). I'm able to start it directly after the error message. Since most of portable programs are able to close automatically when I shut down my PC, I wonder what PeerBlock does. And most important question: Is there a possibility (in Windows 7 Pro) to auto-close/auto-exit a program like peerblock, when I turn off my PC?

Thank you in advance
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