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Peer block not blocking except for Bogon file

Posted by garyheard 
Peer block not blocking except for Bogon file
February 10, 2018 03:55PM
For a long time I have suspected that PeerBlock was/is not blocking IP addresses.
It only reports Bogon ip addresses that are blocked, and it didn't protect me when I subscribed to iblock. After a year
when my iblock subscription expired I felt it was senseless to re-subscribe iblock.

Today my Norton Security reported a malicious threat attempt and provided me with the ip address.
I added the ip address ( to my permblock.p2b file. An hour later Norton again reported this ip threat and still permblock.p2b didn't block this ip.

Lucky for me that Norton Security saved me, but apparently peerblock has not been effective for sometime.

P.S. - Also your "Check spelling" option for this form doesn't work.
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