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Peer block not blocking except for Bogon file

Posted by garyheard 
Peer block not blocking except for Bogon file
February 10, 2018 03:55PM
For a long time I have suspected that PeerBlock was/is not blocking IP addresses.
It only reports Bogon ip addresses that are blocked, and it didn't protect me when I subscribed to iblock. After a year
when my iblock subscription expired I felt it was senseless to re-subscribe iblock.

Today my Norton Security reported a malicious threat attempt and provided me with the ip address.
I added the ip address ( to my permblock.p2b file. An hour later Norton again reported this ip threat and still permblock.p2b didn't block this ip.

Lucky for me that Norton Security saved me, but apparently peerblock has not been effective for sometime.

P.S. - Also your "Check spelling" option for this form doesn't work.
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Re: Peer block not blocking except for Bogon file
January 01, 2019 01:03AM
Up until this week my peerblock had been blocking a lot of different ip addresses.

Now only bogon are being blocked and that after I added the bogon list to my lists Just few moments ago.

So nothing from any of the others list were being blocked. from what I can see.

is something wrong with my Peerblock upload? Is there a new peerblock available? like peerblock 2.0? I am currently running Peerblock 1.2
Re: Peer block not blocking except for Bogon file
January 01, 2019 01:06AM
Could Microsoft Win 10 Pro add something to one of their updates that disabled the list we use in peerblock? ALL but bogons?

Is that possible?
Peerblock stopped blocking
April 02, 2019 11:32PM
If you get a fault in which Peerblock stops blocking anything, there are various tricks detailed in the following thread which might help you (it's an old thread which was developed around various approaches to re-initialising the Cache file that lies at the heart of Peerblock, because updating the cache is a general solution to many common Peerblock problems) -

Re: Peer block not blocking except for Bogon file
April 28, 2019 05:16PM
I just stopped paying the renewal free since peerblock doesn't block internet ip addresses. It only bloc my own network.
I can only block the devices on my own network, such as my online Sony BluRay DVD player and my Amazon Fire TV Stick from connecting to my computer. And the Bogon ip addresses. I expect to completely uninstall Peerblock in the very near future.
Understand it hasn't blocked internet ip addresses for several years.
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