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History Db Pruning or Size Limiting?

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
History Db Pruning or Size Limiting?
January 18, 2010 04:06PM
I run Windows XP Pro on a 10Gb C:\ partition with over 5Gb free space and was running Peerblock Version 1.0.0 (r181) when the computer came to a grinding halt.

C:\ drive was completely full and un-installing Peerblock solved the problem.

I have now installed Peerblock Version 1.0+ (r223) and the History Db has already expanded to 300Mb.

Is there any pruning or limiting available for the size of this Db to stop it expanding to over 4Gb and completely killing a computer?

Re: History Db Pruning or Size Limiting?
January 18, 2010 07:45PM
Sounds like PeerBlock is logging every single connection. Under "Settings" in section "History" is it set to "Log Allowed & Blocked"?

You can specify in that section if you would like the history cleared or archived after a certain amount of days.

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Anonymous User
Re: History Db Pruning or Size Limiting?
January 18, 2010 10:35PM
Hi zerocoolxp

It was set to Log Allowed & Blocked but it was set (default) to Remove every 2 days.

Obviously the Remove bit wasn't working and could possibly be a bug in the version I was using. History size was set to 0Mb so don't know if that was UNLIMITED or none.

Going to set it to not log anything with the hope that that solves the problem. I was in the process of making these adjustments to the logging criteria when the darn thing crashed with an exception of main.cpp (didn't make a note).

It has restarted now with a class zip_error (nothing unusual there). Onward.
Re: History Db Pruning or Size Limiting?
January 19, 2010 02:54AM
Setting history limit to 0MB means unlimited so you might want to set it to a higher value.
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