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Using a VPN

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Using a VPN
January 27, 2010 04:47PM
I am using a VPN. PeerBlock works fine when it is turned off. However, when I turn it on PeerBlock quits working. Is there a setting that I can put my IP to allow it to function, and work?
Re: Using a VPN
January 27, 2010 10:45PM
what VPN client are you using?

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Re: Using a VPN
January 27, 2010 11:45PM
Hi bob740, welcome to the forums!

Check out this link for instructions on allowing IPs through PeerBlock.


If you allow the IP you are trying to connect through it should work.

Anonymous User
Re: Using a VPN
January 28, 2010 08:56AM
I am using StrongVPN.com. I have followed the instructions to add list. It shows in the List Manager as:
htt;//strongvpn.com/ Allow My VPN

I then click on Create List, and the Description block is open, but all other is grayed out.

When I "Check Updates" it tell me "List verification failed : 0 elements

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