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no "range" in the bluetack ads-tracker? error contacting url 56?

Posted by Anonymous User 

i just take the error to mean there is nothing "to" update? why is that list in peer block if there aint nothing in it? i apologize if this was already addressed.
Re: no "range" in the bluetack ads-tracker? error contacting url 56?
February 01, 2010 12:27PM
As per bluetack's homepage, they just recently took their sites down for 1-2 weeks for some kind of server transition.  As they state this means that they will not be updating their lists in the meantime, and apparently won't be supporting downloads either.

My recommendation, as always, would be to switch over to using lists hosted at iblocklist.com.  Their servers are generally faster and more reliable, and they're simply rehosting those same lists . . . plus many more.  And even though Bluetack won't be updating the lists for the next week or two, PeerBlock at least won't be receiving an error whenever it attempts to reach their server.

If you're looking for list-updates in the meantime, many of our users have started migrating to the lists authored by TBG.  As their FAQ implies they started off as members of Bluetack, before splitting off - their lists essentially started off as the Bluetack lists with multiple Bluetack lists merged into each TBG list, then they've been updating them ever since.  Their lists appear to be more often updated as well, for example during the few weeks recently during which Bluetack hadn't released any updates (even though they'd flagged their list as having been updated, apparently no new ranges were included).

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I added 2 of the TBG lists tonight (Primary Threats & General Corporate Ranges) and both lists failed (List Verification Failed: 0 Elements)
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