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Frustrated newbie here...

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Frustrated newbie here...
February 07, 2010 02:59AM
Got tired of PG2 "error contacting url" when updating; searched and found the PeerBlock site. Issues:

1. Clicking on "download installer" for both the stable and beta versions from the peerblock.com site, both Firefox and IE downloaders grab the first 10-15% of the file, then stall out, and eventually fail, with an error message ("can't read source code"). I've tried this on two different computers on my home wireless network, both XP SP3, with the same results. This sure seems like a site problem-- both laptops are downloading files just fine from other sites. I use AVG Free and Windows Firewall, and neither one gives me any alerts that there's a problem that's stalling the download.

2. I was able to download and install the stable version from File Hippo. List updates works great, program minimizes to the tray and will seem to be purring along fine, BUT...

3. While downloading with utorrent, PB will just randomly quit running. The icon disappears from the tray, and the task manager "processes" tab confirms that PB is just not running any more. This may happen five minutes after I've started a torrent download, or it may be an hour into it.

I'd really like to try the beta version to see if it fixes the "quit" problem, but see Issue #1... I can't download it. I've tried several times throughout the day today with no improvement.

Any help?
Re: Frustrated newbie here...
February 07, 2010 03:08AM
the files are hosted on google code and I just went and downloaded both without issue. Sure nothing else on your system is blocking google?

Also, as requested in the forum sticky that you should have read before posting, could you please attach your .conf, .log, and .dmp files here on the forum so that we can take a look and see if we can find out what is going on with your peerblock installation?


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Anonymous User
Re: Frustrated newbie here...
February 07, 2010 03:54AM
Here you go.
open | download - PeerBlock.7z (12.6 KB)
Re: Frustrated newbie here...
February 10, 2010 05:01AM
Hmm, strange.  Is there a peerblock.dmp file in your directory by any chance?  It's definitely crashing, just hard to tell why at this point...  sad smiley

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