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So PB only needs ipfltdrv.sys file?

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
So PB only needs ipfltdrv.sys file?
February 07, 2010 07:33PM
WinXP Pro SP3 32bit + PeerBlock 1.0 r223

Does PB need anything else than ipfltdrv.sys to load up and run? I ask because I did not have ipfltdrv.sys on my system due to the fact that I remove unneeded files/services through a program called XPlite (it's like nLite).

In XPlite, to get ipfltdrv.sys installed you have to install something called "Remote and Remote Access Support (RRAS)"... which in turn requires "Remote Dial-Up Access Support" AND "Internet Authentification Services (IAS)" installed.

That's a lot of unneeded files! Without any of that junk installed and just dropping ipfltdrv.sys into my C:\Windows\System32\drivers dir, PB *seems* to work fine.

I just want to make sure it needs nothing else. Other sys files that install with the above things I mentioned are: ipinip.sys, ipnat.sys, nwlnkflt.sys, nwlnkfwd.sys
And also these files too:
alg.exe iasacct.dll iasads.dll iashlpr.dll iasnap.dll iasnt4.cat iaspolcy.dll iasrad.dll iasrecst.dll iassam.dll iassdo.dll iassvcs.dll ipmontr.dll ipnathlp.dll iprtprio.dll iprtrmgr.dll ipxmontr.dll ipxpromn.dll ipxroute.exe ipxrtmgr.dll ipxsap.dll ipxwan.dll lz32.dll mprddm.dll mprdim.dll mprmsg.dll mprui.dll rasadhlp.dll rasauto.dll rasautou.exe raschap.dll rasdial.exe rasmans.dll rasmxs.dll rasphone.exe rasppp.dll rastapi.dll rastls.dll rtm.dll tcmsetup.exe

Amazing how much crap default XP installs that you never need to play games/music/movies and use the Internet.

PB use none of that stuff correct? Hopefully someone knows, thanks.
Re: So PB only needs ipfltdrv.sys file?
February 08, 2010 02:57AM
It shouldn't use any of that stuff directly but it may need it indirectly as they could be dependencies.

If PB appears to work, you can just leave it as that.

We probably won't be able to provide you with much support since you probably removed half the OS.
Anonymous User
Re: So PB only needs ipfltdrv.sys file?
February 09, 2010 03:38AM
smiling smiley it works fine so far and peerblock is stable and uses low amounts of memory, which is nice. only file it needs to run is ipfltdrv.sys!
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