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New Issue????

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
New Issue????
February 17, 2010 07:31PM
I know this is a new version of an ipblocker. But it's kinda a bummer that I and others are still having issues. My new issue is every time I start my pc and peerblock loads like normal. As soon as the updates "if there are any" are done. I get this message here "stopped displaying allowed packets, for performance reasons. re-anable by selecting allowed connections option to override." This shows within the ip window where ip's are blocked. So anyway I re-anable the option and still no blocking of anything. Any ideas of this new issue. Thanks

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Re: New Issue????
February 18, 2010 06:34AM
Hi Bee,

When PeerBlock first starts, it shows on its main window every connection your computer makes, whether it is allowed or blocked. unfortunately, to display these connections - thousands per minute - uses a lot of computer resources.

all this message means is that PB is no longer displaying connections that are allowed. re-enabling the option "show allowed connections" has no effect on the functionality of PB, only what it looks like.

unless you have a specific reason to view all allowed connections, i recommend you leave this option off. whether this option is on or not, the first 10 connections will be displayed as a kind of 'test' to see if PB is working.

I noticed you said " still no blocking of anything". does that mean that PeerBlock is not blocking anything?

for the "stopped displaying allowed packets" message to display, it means that peerblock is allowing something - and can therefore block something.

If nothing ever comes up in the main window with "action: blocked" (as opposed to "action: allowed"), you may have a configuration issue, in which case we can suggest ways to make PeerBlock work better for you.

Anonymous User
Re: New Issue????
February 18, 2010 05:39PM
I appreciate the quick reply. Yes it is blocking. I didn't mean to say it wasn't sorry about that. Also thanks for the heads up on what that message meant. I know now. smiling smiley
Anonymous User
Re: New Issue????
February 22, 2010 05:09AM
I get the same message even though I set it already to not show allowed, so I guess that it handles and spews that before even reading the settings? Bit sloppy but no big deal as far as I can figure.
Although it's the kind of sloppiness that microsoft coders display and why they need to patch all the time though winking smiley
Re: New Issue????
March 02, 2010 08:48AM
Actually, we're displaying the first few connections intentionally.  Originally, both PeerBlock and PeerGuardian 2 (which it's based on) would display all Allowed connections by default.  We discovered that this was a HUGE performance hit, so changed that over to NOT display Allowed connections by default.  However, we figured this would cause confusion to users, especially since many users are coming to us from a PG2 background in which they're used to seeing a ton of Allowed connections stream past - and other new users would likely be confused and think that PeerBlock isn't working if they saw a big blank white empty list staring at them when they first start PeerBlock. 

Sooo, we decided to log the first few Allowed connections, just to show that PeerBlock is in fact doing something.  That message we're displaying was our way of trying to let people know what's going on, but apparently even it causes confusion in some people.  We should only be displaying this message if you do NOT have "Show Allowed Connections" set to enabled - if you're willing to risk the performance hit, you can just enable that setting to show everything.

Any suggestions as to how else we might be able to strike a balance here?  At some point we're hoping to build in our own internal version of the ping test so that PeerBlock can verify that it's actually working, and we're currently looking into the performance hit, but until that point I'd love to hear any ideas you may have...

        ---  Mark  ---

Lead developer of PeerBlock
Re: New Issue????
March 02, 2010 09:56AM
MarkSide Wrote:

> We should only
> be displaying this message if you do NOT have
> "Show Allowed Connections" set to enabled - if
> you're willing to risk the performance hit, you
> can just enable that setting to show everything.

Here's my lame idea: a popup.
Showing all allowed connections - some kind of warning about the performance hit
(.) disable ( ) leave enabled
[ ] don't show this warning again
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