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Peerblock causes internet connection to drop-out.

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Peerblock causes internet connection to drop-out.
March 04, 2010 11:50PM
This has already been the subject of a previous topic, but it seems that all the respondents did not take the problem seriously, and just blamed it on faulty routers. I only downloaded PB yesterday, but have already uninstalled it from my vista x64 running computer, as it constantly caused my internet connection to drop-out when used at the same time as utorrent. I have never had any problems like this before, and since uninstalling I have had no further problems. This issue is clearly the fault of PB (unless you bury your head in the sand) and has nothing to do with routers or modems, as the same problems happened when I took my computer to my parents house and connected to their router. The routers in question are completely different, and the only common denominator is PB. I would love to have a working peer block software, but peerguardian never worked for me once, and now peerblock doesn't work either. Can it really be that hard? I would really appreciate some constructive help as regards this issue, rather than people wrongly blaming routers. After all my router worked perfectly for the last year (and no - the firmware has not changed, and there is no more recent update available), before PB was installed.
Re: Peerblock causes internet connection to drop-out.
March 05, 2010 12:48AM
I'm just betting, but do/did you have IANA and/or for-non-lan lists in your list manager set to block? If so that would block your internal network traffic such as router communication with the computer and vice versa. If you are just using the default lists, there is/are obviously an ip address(es) that are showing up in your main peerblock window that just simply need to be added to your allow list. That is the reason we have the allow 15 min, allow permanently features and the ability to have an allow list. Just to be fair, you have asked us to constructively help you with this problem, yet you have not given us any information with which to do that for you. The forum sticky explicitly asks that you show us your peerblock.log and peerblock.conf files so that we can take a look and see what's going on. Now that you have uninstalled peerblock there is no way for you to provide that information so we can only guess at what may or may not be wrong. With the current implementation of Peerblock, there is just no way for us to know every single ip address of every users internal network. We auto allow update servers and your local machine address. We will try and implement a way for Peerblock to figure out more information such as gateway, dns servers, and any other information available through windows but that might need to wait until 2.x time frame.
Re: Peerblock causes internet connection to drop-out.
March 05, 2010 12:52AM
We are trying to offer constructive help here. 

Only a very small minority of people have encountered the sort of problem you are reporting - and yes, many of us use uTorrent as well.  In the other person's case at least, the router itself was crapping out . . . as evidenced by the fact that the problem persisted after a PC reboot.  Since there is nothing PeerBlock does that should cause your router to need to be reset, we tried coming up with some theories that might explain the problem.

How about you, do you have anything "constructive" to share or is your contribution to this discussion going to solely consist of insulting those of us who have tried to help?

If you would like some help figuring out what's wrong in your setup, we'll need some information from you.  As per the Known Issues sticky thread at the top of this forum, at least posting your peerblock.conf file would be handy - that way we could check to see if you were running lists that could prevent you from accessing your router, such as some of the IANA lists, or for-non-lan-computers.  Does your issue, like the one you referenced, persist after a reboot until you reset your router?  Can you ping your router from your PC while the problem is happening?  Does the problem occur when running PeerBlock by itself, or only when running uTorrent as well?  What kind of router do you have?  What firewall/antivirus?  Could you export your History for us so we can see the list of what PeerBlock has blocked?

For all intents and purposes, you just went in to see an auto mechanic, and said "What's wrong with my car?  My friend came here and you couldn't help him with his...  Oh, and no, you can't look at it, I took my car back to the dealership already.  How come you guys are so unhelpful?"

If you want some help, then help us help you.  If not, then why bother posting here in the first place?

        ---  Mark  ---

Lead developer of PeerBlock
Re: Peerblock causes internet connection to drop-out.
March 05, 2010 02:13AM
I was one of the participants in the other thread. I took the report seriously, and blamed hardware (the modem actually, but that's not the point).

For me, at least, this new thread is mildly amusing. I now have the same problem, and I was just about to report it here.

The best part is, I can tell you how I got it and how I cured it.

After the previous report I decided to test carefully to see whether something might have changed that could explain this (familiar to me but newly reported here) problem. I had been running 2.0 trouble free since the day of its release - at that point about 6 or 7 weeks IIRC. I began by disabling - to the extent possible - all features mentioned in the uTorrent 2.0 changelog, both the new and the fixed/changed old.

No effect whatever, and no failure. However, in the course of doing all that I stumbled across a new (or at least new to me) function in 2.0: a built-in connection speed tester that automatically "optimizes" the bandwith and queueing settings. I was delighted to find it and use it, and even more delighted when it reported that my connection speeds had doubled again: upload to ~500kB and download to at least twice that. uTorrent auto-configured itself to 444K up and unlimited down.

The next morning I was more than a little surprised to find uTorrent stalled and my internet connection unresponsive. I rebooted but didn't give the matter much thought. About 5 hours later, however, I saw the transfer rates in Bandwidth Monitor dropping smoothly to zero. I immediately recognized that symptom! I unplugged the modem and plugged it back in again..uTorrent started right up again. Bingo!

After further testing I found what for me is the complete cure: I left the upload rate at 444K but set the alternate rate (used when actively downloading) to 100K. My modem hasn't died since, I have also re-enabled everything else I had disabled. [I did test rates between 444K and 100K. and established IMO a clear inverse correlation between alternate upload limit and modem survival time.]

There are at least two things I haven't done:
revert to uTorrent 1.xxx to test the same upload/download settings
trace the TCP/IP stack to see whether it may be the culprit (instead of the modem)
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