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unauthorized shutdown!!!

Posted by brandonjm8 
unauthorized shutdown!!!
March 23, 2010 10:55AM
since im not a programmer i need some help, just two minutes ago my computer shut down on its own while i was playing a game on it. i bring this up here because ever since i upgraded to r318 PB has been doing weird things from time to time and i am wondering if somehow PB forced shutdown of my computer. when i say strange things i mean the icon goes missing sometimes, on occasion the recycle bin dissappears yet not the functionality, PB has also crashed once, i thought nothing of it since it was the first time. there are other odd behaviors from PB but i cant remember exactly at this time (im kinda angry right now). my scans on my computer all come back clean, which is why i suspect PB might be behind this especially now after my computer shutting down on me with all the weird quirks PB been doing.

i thought of all other possibilities such as overheating ect but they were all normal, i have no clue what caused this or how to fully figure it out, which is why if you guys could look through the logs i provide and let me know if in fact PB caused it or if something else did, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

PB deleted the log upon reboot so i posted this little one, im kinda curious about that, maybe my log got corrupted???

also i cant remember for the life of me where to find the windows dmp file too, i tried searching my drive and the "help and support" but to no avail.

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open | download - peerblock.conf (8.9 KB)
open | download - peerblock.dmp (58.3 KB)
open | download - peerblock.log (487 bytes)
Re: unauthorized shutdown!!!
March 23, 2010 11:44AM
brandonjm8 Wrote:

> PB deleted the log upon reboot

It sure did sad smiley

Mark: why would PB ever do that?
Re: unauthorized shutdown!!!
March 23, 2010 01:17PM
Have you tried moving back to previous PeerBlock versions? This might be so far the only temporary solution I can come up with until one of the developers of the PeerBlock knows how to help your problem.

Windows dump file can be found in default C:\Windows\Minidump.
Re: unauthorized shutdown!!!
March 23, 2010 11:00PM
i was using the ZSNES emulator if that means anything when it forced shut down, it only shut down too not reboot i had to turn it back on which i thought was kinda odd.

i must be very unlucky, there is no windows dmp file anywhere, its not on my c or d drives not even in any windows and/or M$ folders either. hmmm, is that normal not to have a dmp file after a forced shut-down which when i turned it back on asked if i wanted it to go to safe mode which i didnt?

btw, i have my log info for PB set to delete after 2 days and i have over 30 gigs avail on my c drive alone, very peculiar why PB erased the log after all this, hmmm.

any ideas mark or anyone else? sorry for the lack of info on regards to windows dmp file but it doesnt exist (at least i cant find it, none of my searches find it either only PB's dmp file) <-----scratching me head.

for tippy,

if it happens again i will end up downgrading, will let ya guys know tho either way. arghh the no windows dmp file kinda ticks me off right now, that would tell me hopefully wtf happend.

Life is like a box of chocolates................................umm chocolate, yummy grinning smiley

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Re: unauthorized shutdown!!!
April 06, 2010 08:32AM
Hmm, I have no idea why we'd be deleting the peerblock.log file after a reboot.  Worst-case scenario it might have "Deleted" or "Archived and Deleted" when it restarted if it was time to do that, but it should have immediately written out a message to the logfile stating that this was done - i.e. the first lines of your new nearly-empty peerblock.log should have been something like "Done performing Delete type processing".

I also can't think of anything we'd be doing to cause a shutdown, unless it was a driver-related crash . . . in which case Windows should have created a .dmp file (presuming you have it configured to do so, at least) and rebooted.  I know that I've experienced all sorts of weird problems like that when dealing with bad RAM sticks or a flaky Power Supply, but it's tough to narrow that down without having extra hardware available to swap.  If the machine starts crashing more consistently during stress, it might be worth firing up some stress-test (like 3DMark, or folding@home, or whatever people use nowadays) and let us run for a few hours to see if that can "force" a system shutdown - if so, then you could start trying to isolate hardware, or uninstall various sw components, to see if you can figure out the root cause of the problem.

Sorry I can't be of more help,

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Lead developer of PeerBlock
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