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N00b question

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
N00b question
April 07, 2010 08:55AM
If HTTP is disabled, shouldn't it stop me from browsing any webpages in Internet Explorer ?
I just downloaded and installed r320 and it appears to be working.. I setup all the lists that came with it, updated them etc. I opened up a command line window and tried to ping and got messages back saying general failure ( rather than time outs ) but the log did show the effort and blocked them.
Peerblock is also showing "HTTP is blocked" .. yet i'm currently in IE writing this note on your forum and browsing various other websites, as long as they aren't included in any of the lists ... like www.ge.com ( IE won't display that site )

Also I noticed I'm getting a bunch of lines that show source as [::1]:61998 and destination as [ff02::c]:1900 protocol UDP Action Allowed one every 3 seconds in fact , but they do not show up in the view history

Is this just a glitch ??
I'm running win7 x64 home premium
Re: N00b question
April 07, 2010 08:59PM
Yeah, the wording of the HTTP option in the 1.0 Stable Release was confusing - "Block HTTP" actually means "Check all HTTP type connections against your blocklists".  (Meaning all TCP traffic going out (or in/out, on XP) ports 80 or 443...)  In our Beta Release train we've changed this option to be "Allow HTTP" instead, since that's more meaningful.

As far as the "[ff02::c]" style addresses go, those are actually IPv6 addresses as opposed to the "normal" IPv4 addresses like  The ":1900" part means port 1900, which generally means this is UPnP traffic.  PeerBlock doesn't actually do much with IPv6 at this point, other then checking for IPv4 traffic "hiding" in IPv6 headers via something called "Teredo".  They don't copy-to-clipboard well (Issue #62); they don't show up in History (Issue #63); we don't filter them (Issue #189); our blocklist file-format(s) don't even support them (Issue #81) so no list-authors are (to the best of our knowledge) doing anything with them either.

As always, if you're interested in this issues, you should "Star" them, as we use the number of Stars an issue has as an indication of our users' interest in something when we're prioritizing what to work on next.  No promises of course, but we do generally try to work on things that people care about.

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