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peerblock beta v1.0 r(404) high memory usage. sad smiley

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
peerblock beta v1.0 r(404) high memory usage. sad smiley
June 22, 2010 10:22AM
hello people this is my 1st post but really sorry sad smiley to say this my 1st post became posting a bug in the peerblock beta v1.r404.
and really good program thanks for all developers. smiling smiley
well here it is all info you wanted.

my os is windows 7 x32 ultimate
my aunty virus is Avira. (sorry no uncle virus winking smiley here )
my firewall is outpost firewall pro v 7.0.1
my peerblock is v1.0 r(404) beta.
i attached my peerblock config and log file as requested in instruction.
as well as a screen shot of memory usage of peerblock in taskmanger.

and i think i given relevant info about my os and other information, now i say about my problem when ever i am using peerblock the memory usage is shooting up high from 800kb to 12000kb within 9 hours. when i click on the peerblock icon on the taskbar it open the peerblock and when i closed the program the memory usage back 800kb. i think there is memory leak in this version of beta. i do not have any problem in before beta or stable version like this even it will run continuously for 1 week with out any problem but this 4 days this version of beta using the memory from time to time increasing dramatically. so this is my problem, i belive i explained my problem very well in the people can understand if not sorry for my bad English. bye bye.

ps: i going back to stable version until new beta available.
open | download - PeerBlock.zip (31.3 KB)
open | download - peerblock.jpg (23.1 KB)
Re: peerblock beta v1.0 r(404) high memory usage. sad smiley
June 22, 2010 11:48AM
What we're doing when you minimize the UI is that we're flushing all of our not-actively-in-use memory out to your pagefile.  Eventually we start touching these pages of memory again, which causes them to be swapped back in . . . and thereby making it appear as though our memory usage is growing as time goes on.

Just to confirm, you're saying that with the current Stable Release you're not seeing this memory growth/shrinking pattern?

If we can identify a memory leak we'll definitely look into it.  I'll try setting up a long-term VM to monitor memory allocations and see what I can see.  In the meantime, any additional info you could give me on the specific circumstances (if any?) that cause your PeerBlock install to leak memory would be appreciated.

Anyone else seeing signs of ever-increasing memory usage by PeerBlock?

        ---  Mark  ---

Lead developer of PeerBlock
Re: peerblock beta v1.0 r(404) high memory usage. sad smiley
June 22, 2010 02:48PM
Seems like you have logging turned on which might be the cause of the leak.

I've seen it on my machine yesterday when doing something so your not the only one who can reproduce it.
Re: peerblock beta v1.0 r(404) high memory usage. sad smiley
June 22, 2010 11:40PM
It seems to me that PeerBlock reserves a bit of memory to itself for each different features (updating, saving, list manager window, allow http, block http, blocking packets, etc) when you're using any of those. I myself have managed to cap my own memory use up to 32 076kb sans the use of list viewing and cache generation. Only when closing the PeerBlock GUI window will these reserved memory be freed up.

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Anonymous User
Re: peerblock beta v1.0 r(404) high memory usage. sad smiley
June 23, 2010 12:16PM
sorry to posting again currently stable version version is working in my pc, but i do not know exact problem why peerblock using high memory usage again. but Mr.mark if you want some more information ( really could you please tell me in such way that i can understand and give out the information to you.) and by the way then way the same high usage is continuing here at 12,000kb for about 8 hours of continues usage, currently i do not have screen shot to post. i will upload it later with config and log file. thanks for everybody who answered for my post. smiling smiley winking smiley
open | download - PeerBlock.zip (12.2 KB)
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