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Failed installation on Windows7

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Failed installation on Windows7
July 29, 2010 02:15AM
I'm trying to get Peerblock running on a Toshiba A100 machine with Windows7 Ultimate installed.

Although everything seems to work perfectly, it doesn't block anything.

I tried installing both the stable release and the latest beta.
After deleting 'cache.p2b','peerblock,conf', 'history.db' and the 'peerblog.log', I'll get a kind
of new 'fresh' installation, but then again without blocking anything.

Nevertheless, so now and then without any traceable reason (about 1 of 15 runs), suddenly
it starts blocking perfectly.

Sysinternals' Process Explorer tells me, Peerblock runs the pbfilter as a DEVICE.

As you can see I run a very small block list with just 1(random) URL and 32 IP's , as a trial.

BTW I'm running PeerGuardian2 as a system service on my XP(SP3) desktop. The service interacts with the
desktop and runs my own block lists. (Activating and updating the bluetack lists if I want to do
some peer2peer).
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Re: Failed installation on Windows7
July 29, 2010 03:01AM
From the attached files, you're don't have any lists configured which is probably why its not blocking anything.

PeerGuardian2 might be installed in a different location so if you update it, PeerBlock will most likely not receive any updates.
Anonymous User
Re: Failed installation on Windows7
July 29, 2010 05:12PM
I'm sorry, that's too simple.
I load, edit, add and remove lists. Every change is picked up by Peerblock.
I even can count and verify the quantity of IPs blocked. Peerblock won't block
anything on MY machine.

Today I got my hands on a brand new ACER laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium installed.
Of course I couldn't resist from installing Peerblock on it. IT BLOCKS PERFECTLY.

So back to my Toshiba, I did another approach. I installed the free ZoneAlarm firewall.
Surprisingly after 'engaging the internet lock' and configuring ZoneAlarm to 'stop all Internet activity',
the Peerblock's activity output window showed nothing was blocked, not by PeerBlock nor by the

This brings me back to the OS. I run a 'VLited version of the the Windows 7 Ultimate, which wasn't
manufactured by myself. Most probably something has been removed through the VLite programm.

BTW there's one issue left: the strange unformatted output PeerBlock does on a Windows 7 machine.
The image 7 shows the output. PeerBlock showed this strange output on both machines. The unformatted
lines will not show up in the history file.

Thank you for reading me
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Re: Failed installation on Windows7
July 29, 2010 09:20PM
night_stalker_z is referring to the fact that your peerblock.conf file doesn't contain reference to any list-files whatsoever.  This could explain why PeerBlock isn't blocking things in some cases - for whatever reason, it doesn't (at least for the case that you posted) believe any lists have been configured.  The peerblock.log file you included in that first .rar file shows that you'd deleted all those files (as you'd mentioned), which may be why your .conf file doesn't show anything - in PeerBlock 1.0, settings aren't saved until after you successfully exit the program.

Actually, this might be part of the problem, for 1.0 (Stable Release) at least...  If PeerBlock isn't exiting correctly, it could be not writing out your current settings (including your custom list file) to peerblock.conf.  The Beta Release (1.0+, r404) should be working much better as far as that goes though.

We have much better logging in our Beta Release, so if you could try installing that and repro the problem - ideally collecting the driver data as per the instructions in this post that - and post the new peerblock.conf and peerblock.log files (and driver tracelog file), that would be great.  And please include a step-by-step writeup of what you did, and whether it was correctly blocking or not (i.e. pinging to an IP address in your small custom block range should return "General failure").

We're asking for a lot on your part, I know, we really just don't have enough to go on right now in order to figure out WTF is going on.

Sorry you're experiencing this problem,

        ---  Mark  ---

Lead developer of PeerBlock
Anonymous User
Re: Failed installation on Windows7
August 01, 2010 08:23PM
"PeerBlock, we've got a problem"

As I told you, I thought the problem to be caused by the modded OS, I run on the Toshiba, whereas on the
new Acer machine it worked fine. Nevertheless here's what I did.

I uninstalled PeerBlock again, this time removing all possible traces, running Ccleaner (cleaner+registry) and
RegistryBooster2010. Afterwards I deleted de PeerBlock Folder manually (the folder stayed there because of
my list file), and the Windows prefetch files. There were 4 of them.

I than reinstalled the latest Beta to give it another try and of course, in case it failed, to have the exact install information.
I'm very sure I did it exactly the same way I did before and that's were we've got the problem: it works perfectly.
So there's no way to find out why it didn't before.

Anyway you'll find all the files of the new installation in the attachment. One remark for the '3-Pinging2.jpg' file:
The blocked TCP is due to an access to Repsol.com by Firefox.

After the main problem solving itself, you maybe like some further feedback.

The issue of the unformatted output in the list window is resolved as well. The '5-ipconfig.jpj' file shows
a link to the local IPv6 address. Some further googling told me it's the correct way to represent new IPv6
addresses. The problem is that I wasn't born with 16 fingers. Another problem might be that by now these
addresses don't show up in the history file. Maybe this needs to be changed for a future release.

Some remarks on the GUI:
In my opinion there no need for 2 (Peerguardian inheritance?) settings pages. There's enough place on one single page. (maybe resizing slightly the minimum size of the window , 500x500 pixels will fit on any screen).
Another point is the 'Save' button. I think, one single page with 'Default Settings', 'Save' and 'Cancel' buttons could
be the best solution. Anyway the 'Save' button should automatically close the Settings window returning to the
List window.

My next step will be trying to install PeerBlock as a system service on Windows7. I'm gonna try it about the
same way and did it with PeerGuardian on WinXP.
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