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What are these IP's?

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
What are these IP's?
October 05, 2010 12:37PM
Without surfing the box flashes and I look and see all these what I think are IP's does this program block people from coming in even when you are not on a site downloading something?
Thanks and I am new to all this so please be gentle with me.
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Anonymous User
October 05, 2010 12:50PM
You have software trying to update itself or report back to it's home base.
Check if anything important has been affected, like antivirus software.
Anonymous User
October 05, 2010 12:54PM
Thank you but not sure what you mean check and see if anything is affected? Thanks
Anonymous User
October 05, 2010 01:27PM
Check the programs that are running to see if any of them need to download updates or get information from their manufacturers.
Anonymous User
Re: What are these IP's?
October 05, 2010 05:09PM
Thank you Aaron I will do that. So this peer program also detects if someone is trying to come in or go out of my computer interesting. so it has more purposes then just for downloading and uploading correct?
Anonymous User
October 06, 2010 03:23AM
Right. It doesn't matter which program is trying to use the network. Only the IP addresses matter.
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