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Slight bug in r162

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Slight bug in r162
September 18, 2009 08:58PM
Just installed r162 - clean install on Win7 x64 RC1 (build 7100). When the install performed the first update of the lists/peerblock, it popped up a window saying an error had occured during update and it had been reported to phoenixlabs.

After the install completed it said that an error had occured and some lists had not updated, so I should perform an update.

I did and all is fine. I didn't get screenshots I'm afraid but I've seen this error befoe on old versions of Peerguardian, so I assume its some leftover code.

You may want to change that so it reports errors to you rather than phoenixlabs (is anyone left there after all this time?).

My logfile's only contents were:


Logging Started...
[9/18/2009] [23:53:03.969] [04176] [TraceLog] [StartLogging] starting logging
[9/18/2009] [23:53:03.969] [04176] [mainproc] [Main_ProcessDb] Archived & deleted history.db and peerblock.log files
[9/18/2009] [23:53:03.969] [04176] [mainproc] [Main_ProcessDb] done with 'delete' type cleanup
[9/18/2009] [23:53:03.969] [04176] [mainproc] [Main_ProcessDb] < Leaving routine.

I hope this helps and Thank You so Very Much for your work and for resurrecting this tool.
All the best!
Re: Slight bug in r162
September 19, 2009 04:34PM
Unfortunately it looks like PeerBlock stepped in and "cleaned up" for you, deleting the logfile that likely contained the error. Bummer. If you see it again please try to remember to take a screenshot, and/or immediately set aside a copy of peerblock.log (setting the "Delete history after N days" option to a higher value should help keep these logs around long enough that we can make use of them, or "Archvie and delete" if you're willing to manually clean up the archived logfiles every so often).

As far as reporting these things to Phoenix Labs, the code in PeerBlock for that is still the same as PG2, and is communicating with the server via a mechanism that is actually rather difficult to handle server-side. (i.e. not a standard HTTP protocol which could be handled by a webserver, we'd instead need to code up a specialty service/daemon to run on the server side and process all these incoming calls - not something easily doable without root access on a dedicated VPS or something, which we don't have yet.) I'd left that code in there in the hopes that the Phoenix Labs server may actually be still collecting this info, but should probably deactivate it for us for now.


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Lead developer of PeerBlock
Re: Slight bug in r162
September 19, 2009 10:31PM
Added Issue 110 to track this.

Lead developer of PeerBlock
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