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Detected AP2P on....?

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Detected AP2P on....?
December 08, 2010 05:38AM

I've used PeerBlock for a while now and all I've ever seen are different companies and universities.
Recently, every single time I start uTorrent it comes up with "Detected AP2P on Amazon EC2 cloud" once.

Then if I leave uTorrent on (no downloads) every so often it'll come up with different variations and sometimes even when uTorrent is off:
- Detected AP2P on Amazon EC2 cloud
- Detected AP2P on Smart Broadband
- Detected AP2P in Globe Telecom
- Detected AP2P on SingNet
- Detected AP2P on Net2EZ
Edit: It keeps adding new ones! It just added "Detected AP2P on Tru Internet Co".

If I actually start downloading anything on uTorrent (including legal stuff) PeerBlock shows a bombardment of the above.

Why haven't I seen these before and is anyone else getting them? :\
Should I be worried?

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Re: Detected AP2P on....?
December 08, 2010 06:44AM
Basically it means one of the amazon servers is tracking you and peerblock is blocking corprate protocal connections.
Meaning PeerBlock is doing its job.

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Re: Detected AP2P on....?
December 19, 2010 09:41AM

Too bad hundreds of legitimate sites are blocked because of this mess!

Amazon and limelight show up the most in my blocked log.

200+ IP Addresses I have had to manually allow in my allow list so legitimate sites are not blocked.

Thankfully now after 200+ it's rare now when a site gets blocked. Rare being a few times a week instead of a 20+ a day.

I find myself using the allow http for 15 minute option a lot more these days.

I believe the maintainers of the default lists are 100% paranoid and are screwing them up badly.

Happy Holidays,

Re: Detected AP2P on....?
December 19, 2010 11:57AM
war59312 Wrote:

> I believe the maintainers of the default lists are
> 100% paranoid and are screwing them up badly.

I agree.

However, even a paranoiac can sometimes be right.
The problem for PB users is trying to figure out when they're wrong.
We recently had a seemingly endless discussion that was triggered when a block of IP addresses previously belonging to ValueClick was re-assigned to Google.
Anonymous User
Re: Detected AP2P on....?
December 23, 2010 06:48AM
hey sammi yer not alone.....i use PB also with peerblock.....and i get the same logs .....now after turning off Utorrent .....peerblock steadly blocks the same logs you spoke of.......im shure i have tracks on my pc ,,,just dunno how to shed em,,,,,ive used defferent spyware scans.but nothing worked so far..now i leave peerblock on 24/7 which totally screws up my mmo games.....anyoone got any ideas ??
Anonymous User
Re: Detected AP2P on....?
December 24, 2010 01:22PM
PB Can't block anti P2P.
which cause me trouble from my ISP
TPG Internet Pty, Ltd.
65 Waterloo Road
North Ryde, NSW 2113 AU

RE: Unauthorized Distribution of the Copyrighted Motion Picture Entitled
The Tourist

Dear TPG Administrator:

We are writing this letter on behalf of Columbia Pictures Industries Inc., ("Columbia Pictures") who owns certain rights under copyright law in the title The Tourist.

You are receiving this notice because your Internet account was identified as having been used recently to copy and/or distribute illegally the copyrighted motion pictures and/or television shows listed at the bottom of this notice. This notice provides you with the information you need in order to take immediate action that can prevent serious legal and other consequences. These actions include:

1. Stop downloading or uploading without authorization any motion pictures or TV shows owned or distributed by Columbia Pictures; and

2. Permanently delete from your computer(s) all unauthorized copies you may have already made of these movies and TV shows.

If this notice is being received by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), please forward the notice to the individual associated with the activities.

The unauthorized distribution or public performance of copyrighted works constitutes copyright infringement under the Copyright Act, Title 17 U.S Code Section 106(3)-(4). This conduct may also violate the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and The Universal Copyright Convention, as well as bilateral treaties with other countries that allow for protection of Columbia Pictures copyrighted works even beyond U.S borders.

Copyright infringement also violates your ISP’s terms of service and could lead to limitation or suspension of your Internet service. You should take immediate action to prevent your Internet account from being used for illegal activities.

An MPAA website, www.respectcopyrights.org, offers step-by-step instructions to ensure that your Internet account is not being used to violate the copyright laws. Also, the site can point you to an array of legal choices for enjoying movies and TV shows online. You can also learn there how theft of motion pictures and TV shows damages our economy and costs thousands of Americans their jobs.

Please contact us at the above listed address or by replying to this email should you have any questions.

We are providing this notice based on our good faith belief that the use of motion pictures and television programs owned by Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owners, their agents, or the law. The information in this notification is accurate. Under penalty of perjury, we are authorized to act on behalf of the owners of the exclusive rights that are being infringed. This letter is without prejudice to the rights and remedies of Columbia Pictures, all of which are expressly reserved.

We appreciate your assistance and thank you for your cooperation in this matter. In your future correspondence with us, please refer to Case ID 1286739136.

Your prompt response is requested.


D. Brewer
Enforcement Coordinator
Peermedia Technologies



Infringing Work: The Tourist
First Found: 20 Dec 2010 01:30:31 EST (GMT -0500)
Last Found: 20 Dec 2010 01:30:31 EST (GMT -0500)
IP Address:
IP Port: 61365
Protocol: BitTorrent
Torrent InfoHash: B5AC216D92A73252A6EBC78F1045070D7D832FBE
Containing file(s):
The.Tourist.CAM.Lu-Serenity.MoRT!.V2.torrent (767,430,511 bytes)
Re: Detected AP2P on....?
January 11, 2014 12:22PM
Just to add something to this, old I know, post.

If you are going to use p2p networks to download movies or any data (im not promoting this) but dont download things which have just been released, I know this due to the camrip this person downloaded to get them caught... give it at least a month after the release before you do so. A few pence here.

Peerblock for the win
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