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Reformatting the display of "View History" log

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Reformatting the display of "View History" log
March 15, 2011 07:55AM
I just realized something that could be totally awesome if implemented. If you read my other post here, it will totally make sense if "View History" is separated from the main program: [forums.peerblock.com]

The "View History" is currently setup by order of dates because everything revolves around the calendar. I like this idea. However, add this to it:

Take the same IP address (or 'list' that the IP is assigned) that repeats and keep track of the number of hits and the specific hour:minute:seconds. You could then do a top 10 list with 'drop down' sub-menus to get into more detail of specific address, hit number, and time of occurrence.

This could help the blocklist providers a ton by visualizing the number of hits from experimental blocklists or experimental ip ranges and determine how shady an ip is acting.

To further this idea, if anyone else was interested in the community, maybe add some functionality to it like a world map, or 'graphical' charts to visualize the data more.

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