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Allow exe's

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Allow exe's
March 20, 2011 03:56AM
Along with allowing I.P.'s it would be a good idea if it isn't already possible to add executables to a 2 sided list you can drag & click a button on the screen to find your desired program executable, launcher, etc. So in theory my idea is so that Peerblock attaches itself to each selected program, & recognize which I.P.'s to allow. I've attached an example so you know exactly what I'm talking about.
open | download - PEERBLOCK EXAMPLE SUGGESTION 1.png (17.5 KB)
Re: Allow exe's
March 20, 2011 05:25AM
There are plans to do this - [code.google.com]
Anonymous User
Re: Allow exe's
March 25, 2011 01:19PM
I agree especially as we need to be able to run PB all the time, with HTML Blocked - but as it is if you come to a website, blocked obviously we need a quick way to open it, view what they have and then exclude it again, perhaps a Firefox AddOn so we can access it from the browser. This would make the interaction between PB and the Browser smoother,

foreseeable reasons why this would not work,
PB compiles its list into a cache in memory for fast access and this needs to be refreshed,

True, but we can allow for a period of time without the cache updating already - If we can update this idea into an IE and FF Add On and give the ability to make all your changes permanent when FF or IE is closed/shut down then we can all become Editors of our White lists on the fly, this greatly increases the USABILITY of the function as it interacts with the user as they browse. (personal: My main reason for NOT using PB all the time is adding to my permitted is too slow and I cannot cancel them afterwards, my work would all need doing again afterwards, so . . . . )

. . . . . we would also require a method of backing up our work, export so we can create our own personalised porfolio of servers we need while excluding ALL the rest we have a personal, criminal, privacy or political reason for excluding them.

As we progress collecting huge amounts of ideas to keep you lot busy, I feel like I want to contribute to this project.

Ive worked in the field of computing for many years and at no time have I ever been concerned for the future of the net as I do at the moment. Not from the point of view it will disappear, oh no kids its here to stay. However its the type of place the internet is turning into that scares me.

If you went back merely 6 years and the big businesses were moaning like hell about spy-ware, viruses and malware infecting main systems and costing business money. Move forward and those same business are employing other business to spy on us and infect our machines using existing contracts you agreed to years ago to introduce methods of logging your behaviour like link checkers and "Our New Software helps you even more" and trusted applications lists with no information about WHO's compiling those LISTS!!!

Well done to all those people who log this behaviour and provide you with lists to BLOCK OUT these parasites!
Good on yer to everyone working their little hearts out to provide us with quality software to enable us to protect ourselves from these parasites, good on yer Peer Block!

This gives US the power to BLOCK OUT these Control Freaks and Socio-paths who rob us of our money every day for delivering the same stuff over and over.


Then install Peer Block,
Go over to iblocklists
and choose the lists you want to block (or allow) in and check out my explanation of
Firewalls for the IdiOt!

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