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View Temporary Allowed Connections

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
View Temporary Allowed Connections
June 10, 2011 05:29PM
I often find myself looking for this button.

'View Temporary Allowed Connections'

would anyone else use it?

i often find myself with like 6+ 10+ or whatever 'temp allow' IP's in a session

eg if i'm grabbing something from unibytes or whatever & i don't want to permanently allow the weird russian sounding names in fear that someone will crawl thru my screen & shoot me, i might want to extend the temp allow

& when i manage to accidentally allow the wrong IP while they all scroll thru, this would help easily find it & block that sucker

So ya a button that might display your temp allows & when the connection is allowed til.

or whatever

& stuff

i'm sure ya got more important things, but yeah, that's my awesome suggestion


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Anonymous User
Re: View Temporary Allowed Connections
June 22, 2011 03:15AM
I would like not to have 2 options (15 min, 1h). I don't think, it's necessary. Yes I think 1 click would be better. May be 1 click 'temporarily' and then gone for 1 h.
The problem is, that often several IPs are blocked. How should the button decide, which one should be allowed.
This would need 1 button behind every blocked IP. There is the need of a smart idea, how to solve this problem.
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