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Linux Port

Posted by jre 
Linux Port
August 28, 2011 07:58AM

I recently posted this on the issue tracker [code.google.com]


I am jre, co-author of PeerGuardian Linux (pgl).

I welcome any sort of collaboration. Just contact me per mail or at phoenixlabs.org, if I don't react here. The technical solution we use in Linux is the kernel netfilter framework: network traffic is sent with iptables rules with the target NFQUEUE to kernel userspace. There the pgl daemon checks whether the traffic matches the blocklists (so no need for thousands of iptables rules for every range). I think this is the most efficient solution on Linux. So we have a different, incompatible basis for Windows and Linux. Also other things are quite Linux specific (automatic start, automatic blocklist update, port whitelisting with iptables rules). Still, for other parts of the application there might be porting/collaboration possibilities.

About pgl:
pgl is the official successor of moblock/blockcontrol/mobloquer, all previous authors agreed on this.
License: GPL3+
Next to the already mentioned CLI (pglcmd) we now also finally have a GUI (pgl-gui).
pgl works fine on 32 bit (i386) and 64 bit (amd64), and I think also other platforms.
We provide a source tarball (make && make install), and Debian (and Ubuntu) packages in a repository.

To follow up the discussion I thought it's better to go to this forum.

First off, phoenixlabs.org currently is not very up to date. But I am active in the forums. pgl resources are the phoenixlabs Linux forum [forums.phoenixlabs.org] and the peerguardian project at sourceforge [sourceforge.net]

The PeerGuardian project also has strong problems with developers going MIA. That's why I absolutely favor a collaboration.

The pgl code has nothing in common with PG Windows (which is only alive in your peerblock) and PG OSX (dev just returned from MIA). I already mentioned the basic technical Linux howto in my original post. The way how to collaborate cross-platform has been indicated in comment 28.

Stays the license issue. There are 6 developers having some copyright (GPL 2 or 3) on pgl. Personally I don't care a bit whether someone distributes pgl commercially. But I care about being it GPL open-source. For me this means that the code is readable (allowing to verify good intentions of the developers) and changeable (allowing to fix and improve it, especially if the authors go MIA) for everyone. If I understand GPL correctly it implies, that any code that strongly integrates with the pgl code has to be GPL itself. But if anyone finds a ways to still make money with it (and yes, you can make money with GPL code), feel free to do so. Has there been a discussion on the license issue here already?

Greets, and thanks for your welcome

Co-author of PeerGuardian Linux (pgl). Maintainer of [moblock-deb.sourceforge.net]: pgl Debian/Ubuntu packages.
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