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Command line switches

Posted by Revenant 
Command line switches
June 18, 2012 08:32PM
My Vista 32 machine has several users often all on at the same time [well not people physically, but user profiles running downloads or something and, yes, it does slow everything down sometimes!].

I'm the admin, wife & kids the other users. In order to run, keep visible and enable users to configure PeerBlock I run Pb from each users profile [otherwise first on has the con and Pb is wholly invisible/untouchable to late-comers].

Unfortunately, although basically this system works, their is still a major drawback. Only one .conf file in the PeerBlock directory. Simply put, each user can now see the Protection window and change the Pb config to suit themselves - but in changing the config they arbitrarily change it for everyone else too!

Command line switches to at least allow users to configure Pb independently would be very useful.

Or, maybe, separate .conf files in each user profile startup folder could be an answer.

However, if only one instance of Pb is running for all users then that won't work either.

Can anyone resolve please?
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