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Architecture of Peerblock 3.0

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Architecture of Peerblock 3.0
June 23, 2012 06:56AM
>PeerBlock 2.0, which will be a heavy rewrite of the code, and will feature such things as running as a service, a new UI, and Mac/Linux support (hopefully).

Suggested Architecture Layers

1) General (database) GUI ( community version of [www.webyog.com] , for instance) with PeerBlock support; On the database ‘peerblock’ and included tables are all the useful operations programmed (with right mouse click), select option from dynamic menu. Synchronization of blocked peers is solved by synchronization of tables (in MySQL) between peerblock-peers. If I set a IP-address in the GUI (right mouse click “block ipaddress” ) to blocked, other peers revieve my information, and block the peer also. N.B. Filtering and other functionalities are standard build in SQLYog---)

2) PeerBlock (“ demon”) service program interfacing between the PeerBlock driver ('pbfilter.sys') and Mysql ‘peerblock tables’;

3) Peerblock driver code (like pbfilter.sys).

If some one else has better idea’s for Peerblock 3.0---), let me know?
Re: Architecture of Peerblock 3.0
June 23, 2012 11:55AM
We need to do points 2 and 3 otherwise there's very little chance of it running on anything besides windows.

Not too sure what you mean on point 1. Are you talking about normal database filtering like queries? Also, it's probably overkill to have a MySQL server running all the time.

Where you get the idea of PeerBlock 3? PeerBlock 2 isn't even out yet winking smiley
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